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Aleksey Katmissky

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Firm Summary

Aleksey Katmissky is a founding member of the firm. He focuses his practice on personal injury matters. Aleksey grew up in Ukraine when it was part of the former Soviet Union. In 1996, when he was still teenager, Aleksey and his family immigrated to the United States as refugees. They settled in Los Angeles, which has been his home ever since.

In Ukraine, Aleksey trained for 15 years in music performance. His family thought he should continue to focus on music in the U.S., but Aleksey had other ideas. His grandfather was a lawyer and Aleksey wanted to be just like him. Aleksey followed his dream and went to law school.

Aleksey’s musical training prepared him well for the legal profession. Music performance requires meticulous attention to detail and an excellent memory. Those two special skills are now an essential part of Aleksey’s approach to his law practice. Aleksey believes those attributes are important qualities in a successful personal injury practice. His clients appreciate — and benefit from — his relentless and thorough pursuit of every small detail that benefits their cases.

Kate Jamsheed and Aleksey, classmates in law school, founded the firm in 2009. Today, over a decade later, the two lawyers still manage all aspects of the firm together, including both legal services and administrative matters. Aleksey says that, in essence, personal injury law chose him — not the other way around. In the firm’s early years, Aleksey handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases, as well as other types of legal matters.

When his friends and family asked him for help with personal injury cases, Aleksey took on their cases. He discovered that the personal injury practice suited him well. It has been his exclusive area of practice ever since. In his personal injury practice, Aleksey believes that cooperation and civility yield better results than all-out aggression. However, when it comes to his clients, he is a relentless fighter as he pursues full and fair compensation in every case. To Aleksey, getting justice for his clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of his work.

Aleksey, his wife, and their two children live in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. When he’s not working, Aleksey relishes spending time with his family. He especially enjoys making them laugh.