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Firm Summary

Combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a love for the everyday person and you have an attorney who looks to provide fairness through justice. Alexander Shunnarah, founder and president of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, P.C. (ASILPC), realizes that the legal industry is not one size fits all as he looks to provide clients with the resources to level the playing field and achieve fair compensation from their Goliath opponents.

Prior to pursuing his career in the legal industry, Alexander and his father experimented with several different business ventures, learning valuable lessons in marketing, leadership, and the overall struggles of business operations along the way. Alexander used this knowledge to create a firm brand that resonates with potential clients and motivates his attorneys to believe in the overall mission of ASILPC.

As ASTAPC continues to work to provide maximum compensation for each of its clients, they look to grow beyond the four-state practice. Alexander envisions his firm becoming a regional personal injury law firm that can plant its brand anywhere and provide successful results for individuals in that community.

Currently, Alexander resides in Vestavia with his wife and three daughters. He is actively involved with the Church of the Highlands.