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David Willis is a personal injury law specialist. His life’s mission is relieving the hardships created from a serious accident or death in the family. He understands that the law can’t heal emotional scars or physical pain, but it can provide support and security for the future. It is one of his life’s great honors to help those who have been hurt because of the carelessness of other people.

David’s clients require serious help. They need a lawyer who spends time perfecting his craft. That’s why he embarked on the challenging journey to become board certified. Unlike physicians, lawyers don’t need to become board certified in a specialty. It takes a lot of demanding work to get and keep board certification. Most lawyers can’t meet the requirements to even take the exam. That’s why there are only about 1,300 board-certified personal injury lawyers out of more than 90,000 Texas lawyers. To qualify to take the certification exam, a lawyer must:

Have taken at least ten personal injury cases to trial that met substantive requirements.
Been qualified and vetted by references from judges and lawyers who have personally witnessed the lawyer in action, including opposing counsel.
Have at least 25% of his practice devoted to substantial involvement with personal injury trial law.
After achieving these challenging milestones, David had to take an examination that most lawyers agree is more challenging than the bar exam to become a board-certified personal injury lawyer. But board certification is not just done once. David must be recertified every five years. That means he must remain current on personal injury law developments. Hiring a board-certified lawyer means hiring a specialist at the top of his profession. And it doesn’t cost any more than hiring a lawyer without a certification because cases are handled on contingency.

David graduated from Baylor University and South Texas College of Law. After law school, he briefed cases for Texas Supreme Court Justices, where he learned firsthand how judges analyze lawsuits. After that clerkship, David started practicing personal injury law in Houston. He then began his own law firm concentrating on products liability, maritime and industrial accidents.