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Denis Alisic

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Firm Summary

Denis Alisic is an Ottawa personal injury lawyer who joined our team in 2011. Before that, he was working as an insurance defense lawyer but decided he wanted to work on the “other side of files” and decided to focus solely on representing people who had been injured in Ontario accidents. Since then, Denis has never looked back and is now one of the personal injury lawyers Ottawa residents turn to for help. His knowledge, hard work ethic, and dedication to his clients have allowed him to help his personal injury clients and their families receive maximum accident compensation and all the support they need at a time they need it most. In 2005, Denis graduated from the University of Calgary and in 2009 the University of Saskatchewan College of Law with an LL.B. As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer representing people in Ottawa and Ontario who have been injured, his past knowledge and experience as an insurance defense lawyer has served his clients well. He has been extremely successful in helping hundreds of families with knowledge and experience in both insurance defense and Ontario personal injury law.

Denis understands that this is a very difficult time in your life and goes above and beyond for his personal injury clients. He understands the suffering and stress families are going through and makes it his mission to relieve not only his clients but their families as well of this stress by getting medical supports needed, working with his client’s rehabilitative team, and ensuring that there is maximum financial compensation. Stress impedes recovery and it’s our job to help you recover as best as possible.

To ensure his clients receive maximum compensation and support, Denis works closely with the Ottawa injury lawyer team, families, doctors, social workers, and health professionals to ensure strong relationships with clients, their families, and healthcare professionals. This ensures that not only his clients receive the help, support, and compensation they need, but their families are also well taken care of.