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Donald Fohrman

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Donald Fohrman

Donald W. Fohrman & Associates, LTD

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Firm Summary

Donald W. Fohrman became an attorney after attending the law school at Loyola University. During law school, Donald was the only student selected to teach an accredited legal writing course to lower classmen. He also became the first law student to receive a license to practice law under Section 701 of the Illinois Supreme Court Rules. Under that provision Donald went on to represent the State of Illinois in over 100 cases at the Illinois Industrial Commission.

After completing law school Donald became an assistant Attorney General for 7 years and was assigned to the Industrial Commission Division. During that time he spent evenings establishing his own firm. Donald became a founding partner of a large workers’ compensation/personal injury firm but decided to leave the firm in 1990 to start a smaller “boutique” firm with the belief that bigger isn’t always better!

As the founding partner of Donald W. Fohrman & Associates, Donald has devoted his practice to providing quality, effective and aggressive legal assistance to injured workers and personal injury victims. The firm is also one of only a handful of workers’ compensation law firms that concentrates in representing injured Illinois firefighters and police officers. Donald is very proud of the services he provides to these individuals as well as other injury victims.

Donald has been married for 43 years, has two 2 daughters and is a dog lover. He is anxiously awaiting grandkids!

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