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Eric Ashley

Eric Ashley Attorney At Law


Firm Summary

Described by the New York Times as a “forward-thinking attorney”. My work is
featured in over 50 media outlets across the US; as well as the subject of legal articles
and lectures.

Career/experience/accomplishments thus far include:

Monitoring/supporting auto and property subrogation in the United States and Canada. Identified and spear headed/developed the process for presentation of subrogation claim in excess of $75,000,000.

Litigated case all the way to the US Supreme Court: Betty Turner v. Perry County Coal, et al. 07-1425 (formerly Perry County Coal v. Homer Young).

Trial Attorney with 20+ trials to jury in past 6 years. Trials include major criminal trials in over 5 counties; and 5 criminal trials in Federal Court.

Approximately 100 bench trials, including many concerning property, contracts, etc.

Appellate record of 10 wins and 3 losses, including 2 wins at the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Experience litigating high profile domestic matters, including 2 multi-million dollar divorces including being successful in setting aside separation agreements on behalf of each of his clients. One case resulted in a multimillion dollar outcome differential in his client’s favor.

Probated multiple million dollar estates; and litigated other high value contested estates.

Negotiated/drafted multiple stock purchase agreements and/or other contractual arrangements. Some of which have been multi-million dollars in nature.

Crim Defense (state and federal); Personal Injury; Divorce/Domestic; Real Estate; Business Representation/Planning; Probate; Estate/Asset Planning