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Eugene Lumelsky

Law Office Of Eugene Lumelsky

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Firm Summary

Attorney Eugene Lumelsky has been highly successful representing clients in the complex area of immigration law, his primary area of practice.

Mr. Lumelsky’s office represents clients throughout the United States who came or are trying to come to the U.S. from other countries. With that in mind, Attorney Lumelsky seeks the best approach for his clients and their families to legally settle in the U.S. and to avoid or overcome deportation. In handling their cases, Attorney Lumelsky is well aware of the fact that his clients are often undeservingly subjected by the immigration authorities to the kind of treatment which should be limited to criminal prosecutions. As an immigrant from Soviet Russia many years ago, Mr. Lumelsky defends clients against this conduct and helps them preserve their right to continue building and defending this country for everyone’s benefit.

Attorney Lumelsky also practices in other areas, such as family and criminal law. Though completely separate bodies of law, these cases are often closely tied to one’s ability to immigrate to and stay in the United States.

Finally, Attorney Lumelsky accepts personal injury cases helping his clients to re-establish their lives and that of their families’ as a result of physical and emotional injuries suffered in accidents. Attorney Lumelsky is not paid for such representation unless the case is either successfully tried or settled.

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