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Firm Summary

Greg Silver is a co-founder of Evans-Silver, a well-established and respected law office dedicated to providing guidance and complete litigation services for individuals, families and corporations in Southern California and throughout the United States. Mr. Silver grew up in Long Beach, CA, attended Wilson High School, and California State University at Long Beach, continued on to study law, passed the California Bar exam and began his legal practice in Long Beach in 1982. He lives with his family in Long Beach and is a prominent community leader. Greg is a member of the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach and Lake Arrowhead Country Club in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Change is happening at a pretty fast pace these days and while you might think the world of law would be exempt, it’s not. An occasional new regulation or well applied ordinance isn’t really the problem; but it’s the way people and organizations complicate and sometimes completely misinterpret the law that we’re seeing more and more in our office every day. I grew up and graduated from High School and thereafter College in Long Beach, California.  I passed the State Bar of California and started my legal practice right here in this community in 1982. Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to provide guidance and professional legal services for a lot of wonderful people in our city and privileged to work on some challenging community based issues with our city government as well. In my nearly 40 years of experience as an attorney in Long Beach I’ve come to understand and appreciate the special sense of community in our city is absolutely one of the most precious things about not only where we live, but where many of us enjoy our work and families as well.

That’s why we focus our work on how we can help people, companies and organizations right here in our neighborhood. While we can’t stop how the law might be used against you, we can help you better understand what may or may not be involved and show you how legal representation in your situation might get better results, and in many cases, eliminate a problem or issue quickly and completely.

If you’re concerned about a legal situation that has occurred or is developing at home or your place of employment we invite you to call us at 562 439 9001, email me directly at, or just come in and talk with us. We provide professional, well informed and experienced legal advice, and when needed, the advanced legal representation required to successfully address the situation you, your family or your company is encountering. Let us know how we can help.