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Heather Long

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Heather Long

Long & Greenberg, LLC

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Firm Summary

As founding partner of Long & Greenberg, Heather has advanced diversity, which enables her to better serve her clients and injured workers in the State of Delaware.

Heather Long earned her J.D. from Widener School of Law in 2005 and has been practicing personal injury law for over 15 years. Before forming Long & Greenberg, Ms. Long was a Partner at Kimmel Carter Roman Peltz & O’Neill where she represented injured plaintiffs and averaged approximately 4 million dollars per year in recovery.

With more than 25 years of experience, Long & Greenberg will provide comprehensive legal representation to people who are personally injured in Delaware as a result of work and/or liability accidents.

Heather Long and her husband are both former paramedics.

Both Ms. Long and Ms. Greenberg have worked for insurance companies in the past. They bring their experience and unique perspectives from “behind enemy lines” to work for you.