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A felony conviction derails lives.

It throws all your hard work and all your accomplishments and all your dreams every which way – not just for you, but for your children, and even your children’s children.

I became a defense lawyer because I know first hand what it means to face the criminal justice system.

My dad was convicted of a felony when I was young, and it derailed my family’s life.

I studied at night and killed it at my full-time job during the day.

I always cheered for the underdog, but it had never occurred to me that someone like me could become a lawyer … to become the lawyer I wished my dad had.

But an immediate love for the law and some incredible mentoring from law professors set me on my journey to law school.

Committed from the beginning to defending the accused, I fell in love with the Constitution and what the founders set in place as a set of rules for society to operate under.
Because I’ve had those experiences, I know how my clients find themselves here, and I don’t start from a place of judgement.

I see myself, my sister, my mom and my dad in the faces of the people sitting before me.

When I sit down with you to work on your case, my goal isn’t just to take care of the person you are today, but also the future version of you 20 years from now.

And that’s the story I want to share with prosecutors, judges, and juries: A generational story.
My story. Your story.