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Firm Summary

Jim is an avid photographer. He uses black-and-white film rather than digital photography. “There’s something exciting and unique about using film,” Jim says. He especially enjoys street photography and photographing individuals. “You meet a lot of fascinating people when you take their pictures on the street,” Jim says.

He is always looking for the “decisive moment”—that brief moment in time that tells a story. New Mexico has many breathtaking landscapes and landmarks. Jim loves to film those as well. “There’s something spiritual about the mountains of New Mexico,” Jim says.

Jim was born and raised in Texas. His father was the legendary high-school football coach, Gordon Wood. Jim is often asked about the secret to his father’s success, and he always replies, “Do your job!” Gordon Wood insisted that every person who was on the team and involved with the team complete their assigned jobs.

If anyone couldn’t do the job currently, Jim’s father would replace them with someone who could. As Jim puts it, “My father did not believe in the ‘old college try’ and ‘doing your best.’ He believed in getting the job done period, with no exceptions; otherwise, you would be replaced.”

Many of the lessons Jim uses in the courtroom he learned on the gridiron. For example, football taught Jim the five P’s: Proper Prevention Prevents Poor Performance. Through his experiences as a football player, Jim learned about hard work, dedication, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. During Jim’s senior year in high school, he broke his hand in the first play of a game but refused to let it impact the team.

He played the entire game with a broken hand. As Jim explains, “My dad had no knowledge of my broken hand, but I finished the game because in my mind I was expected to do my job, period.” He applies this same mindset to his work as a trial lawyer. Rather than being a gifted orator or a brilliant legal mind, it’s Jim’s tenacity as a work horse that gets the job done.

On the other hand, Jim’s compassion for the underdog comes in large part from his mother’s example. Jim’s mother volunteered in a soup kitchen, worked in an after-school program for needy and underprivileged children, and taught Sunday School. My mother was a saint,” Jim says.

After spending regular vacations and much time with family and friends in New Mexico, Jim officially moved to New Mexico in 2008. Jim is a proud New Mexican. “I can’t think of any place I would rather live than New Mexico,” Jim says.

Jim is married to Barb Conlon Wood. Together, Jim and Barb have five children. Jim’s son, Ty, graduated from the University of New Mexico Law School. Ty is a trial lawyer at his father’s law firm. “I’m thrilled working with Ty. He is fast becoming an outstanding trial lawyer.

Clients love Ty. I’m so proud of him.”, Jim says. Jim’s daughter is in high school and an honor student. Barb has one son who lives in the San Francisco area, another son who lives in Los Angeles, and a daughter who lives in San Diego. Jim and Barb could not be more proud of their children.