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Jim Narvios

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University of Houston Downtown- BA Thurgood Marshall School of Law- Juris Doctorate

Jim has over 20 years of experience being an ambassador advocating for multiculturalism and diversity and this has given him a deep understanding of people from various backgrounds. One of the many things we have in common is our need for justice when we have been wronged.

Jim attended law school at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, with the intention of launching his legal career with a focus on personal injury litigation and civil rights. Jim believes in fighting for the rights of the everyday citizen, especially those who are afraid to speak up. Often times, our clients were once afraid to pursue a case because of their lack of understand of how the legal system works. We find this is due to the lack of diversity in our profession and this is why Jim is constantly encouraging the youth of our diverse communities to pursue a career in law. For those afraid and feel that they do not have a voice, Jim wants to be the lawyer by your side.