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John Buchanan

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Firm Summary

The firm was founded in 1995 to provide high-quality representation to people seriously injured by the misconduct of others. Because this specialized work demands extensive legal and medical knowledge, we hired on-staff medical professionals as part of the team.

Our law firm has a national reputation as one of the best in serious injury lawsuits because of our innovation in combining law and medicine.

Buchanan Firm has continued to exclusively represent only seriously injured people, not insurance companies or corporations.

During college I developed two passions that have driven my professional and personal life ever since. First, my passion is for the law and helping people. Both my dad and my uncle were outstanding trial attorneys. My proudest achievement was following in their footsteps.

My second passion has been flying. After my college roommate took me for my first ride in a single-engine airplane. I was hooked and have been flying for over 50 years.

I wish all patients knew what can go wrong in medical care because of an inattentive physician or careless nurse. Select your healthcare providers carefully, after doing thorough research and obtaining informed recommendations. Be alert for possible medical mistakes and carefully monitor the care given. Ask questions if things don’t seem right. If things happen to go wrong, call a medical malpractice attorney asap.