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Jordan Taylor

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I grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, right on the Washington border. Much of my time growing up was spent deep in the wilderness of Northern Idaho, hunting, fishing, skiing, and hiking. I married my junior high sweetheart and our family lives in the Hough neighborhood in Vancouver. We spend most of our free time skiing, attending Timbers games, riding bikes, and BBQing with friends.

I have been interested in the law from a young age, probably due to the fact I have three parents who are attorneys (my mother, father, and stepfather). My first ever job was as a janitor at my mother’s law firm. After high school, I went to Colgate University in New York then went on to the University of Idaho College of Law.

After law school, I clerked for one year in Idaho, which was a great experience for getting a behind the curtain view of working with a judge. After that, I worked for the Idaho State Appellate Public Defender. This included appellate briefing and arguments and handling death penalty appeals.

I have worked at the Henderson Law Firm since 2013, with a focus on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. I am currently licensed in Washington & Oregon.

My current practice is focused on personal injury. We take the time to do your case the right way. I listen to my clients to make sure they are heard in Court. Our firm is different because we do the work to explore your full story. This is a long and sometimes emotional process, but the results speak for themselves. My theory is always try hard to settle the case, but if that cannot be done, I will fight like hell in Court. I will always be the hardest working lawyer on any case that goes to trial.

I have always focused on giving back to the community since law school, be it in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, representing those who cannot afford an attorney in Clark County, and serving on various boards and committees. I was awarded the Idaho State Pro Bono award in 2008 and the Clark County Bar Association presented me with the Volunteer Attorney of the Year Award in 2017.