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Joseph Provanzano

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Firm Summary

I have been an attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1975. I have been a member of the American Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Boston Bar Association, Essex County Bar Association, Peabody Bar Association, Commercial Law League of America, Association of Trial Attorneys, Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, Commercial Law League, and many others. I have been serving all of the people of New England for many decades and I am known for treating all of my clients like partners. I provide my home and my cellular telephone numbers, as I believe that an attorney should always be available to answer questions. The practice of law to me is not from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I continue to be a lifetime student of the law and I continue to take various Continuing Legal Education courses so as to familiarize myself with the changes taking place in this Commonwealth and throughout New englan, their laws, and their Courts. I attend many luncheons and seminars at various Bar Associations on various topics in order to keep myself current in trends in the law. I do Pro Bono work with the Essex County Bar Association and Massachusetts Bar Association. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, so that I can assist in your purchase or sale of property.

My Resume does not reflect all of my many skills, which I contibnue to develope since the year 1975, especially those abilities that are important in modern practrice of law. I use electronic research to find information in the shortest time and so as to reduce the cost to my clients. Several courses have prepared me to deal with many of the technological and legal issues that plague small and large businesses and law offices. I read various journals and use the Internet to keep abreast of current trends in the legal, internet, computer, and business fields. I am engaged in the General Practice of Law, so that I can solve all of the needs that face my clients.

I give every client the best service possible and every client can reach me at night, on a weekend, and when needed. In the middles of the night, it is very late to start finding a lawyer who can and will be there for you. Each client has my home telephone number and my cellular telephone number. This is especially important to my clients accused of criminal conduct. My clients know that I stay with them and that I will fight for what they need and want and that is the way it is!

To me, every client is important.