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Justin Weitz

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Firm Summary

Associate attorney Justin Weitz adds to the power and prestige of our Asbestos Litigation group with his unceasing, undaunted determination to see callous wrongdoers brought before the bar of justice.

Many of the legal skills Mr. Weitz so adroitly brings to bear against those who injure our clients were acquired during his years as an assistant district-attorney in Nassau County, New York. During his time in that role, he prosecuted hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases (work performed by Mr. Weitz included the negotiation of plea deals with lawbreakers accused of acts ranging, variously, from theft to attempted murder; he also frequently took cases all the way through to verdict in jury as well as bench trials, formulated arrest- and search-warrants based on his investigations of crime scenes, and worked closely with grand juries to obtain indictments of targets suspected of systematic illegal conduct.

Mr. Weitz joined the office of the Nassau County District Attorney shortly after gaining admission to the bar of the State of New York, an achievement that followed close on the heels of his completion of studies at Hofstra University Law School in 2009. While pursuing a juris doctor degree there, Mr. Weitz earned a citation for academic excellence in trial advocacy and was nominated to receive the George and Sadie Krulik Award for outstanding performance in advanced trial advocacy. Prior to his enrollment at Hofstra University, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in sociology.

Mr. Weitz currently is a member of the Nassau County Bar Assn., an organization that helps him stay fully attuned to the newest thinking in the law profession.

J.D., Hofstra University Law School, 2009
B.A., Syracuse University

Nassau County Bar Assn.

New York