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Marissa Constant

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Firm Summary

Established on a foundation of integrity, Marissa Constant is an accredited FL attorney who possesses the fundamental expertise and passion necessary to optimize client success against a dynamic range of legal/real estate discourse. Being a public servant at heart, Marissa holds an extensive 6+ year background fighting for justice ranging from contract/consumer disputes, real estate/title services, and criminal defense matters. Even more, enjoys leveraging that dynamicity to deliver her clients the opulent representation they deserve while concurrently propelling community initiatives forward. Throughout her career, Marissa has built a large inventory of legal industry and trial experiences that has led to her positive track record as a distinguished attorney. Prior to becoming licensed in FL at age 24 after growing up in a humbling environment, Marissa attended Florida State for Undergrad and Florida Coastal for Law School – ultimately becoming the first-generation college student as well as the first attorney within her family. Throughout this time, Marissa also spent 4.5+ years working as a Public Defender. But with her passion for instilling positive justice, client representation, and societal reform, Marissa decided to leverage her education and open her firm amid the pandemic. Today, not only has Marissa gained nearly a decade of legal accreditation, but she is also highly respected for her moral compass approaches that enable clients to feel prepared and confident as they navigate through each progressive stage.

Intertwining compassion with accountability, Marissa has a genuine ardency for delivering rich legal support that inspires clients to fight for their rights and doing so all while supporting ongoing judicial advancements. From real estate matters to criminal defense, Marissa demonstrates her tenacious efforts by providing empowering representation while simultaneously unearthing unassailable case details that position her clients to receive the best possible outcomes. This, in conjunction with her zealous/transparent nature and reputation for addressing all cases (including those across the pipeline) with unbiased dignity, is what led to Marissa’s endorsed standing as not just a dual-focused attorney but also as a trusted mentor, partner, and client advocate along the way.

Marissa is currently an active member of the Junior League of Greater Lakeland (Training and Education Committee), the Wilson Inn of Court, and is entirely passionate about leveraging her experiences across the legal system/trial relations to ensure those who work with her feel safe, heard, and are treated with the respect they merit. However, when she is not working, you can typically find Marissa traveling, adding to her collection of candles, and above all, spending time with family and friends.