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Mark Morrow

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I am a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I have lived here since 1982 when I first came from my hometown of Red Bay, Alabama, at the age of 18 to attend the University of Alabama.  I grew up on a farm where my father worked the fields and my mother worked alongside him.  Sweat and dirt are familiar to me and I appreciate the hard working client’s that put their trust in me along with their hard earned money.  After obtaining my accounting and law degrees from the University of Alabama, I began a general practice of law in Tuscaloosa where I have continued to maintain a sole practice for the last 28 years.  I am experienced in a variety of cases.  My primary focus has been personal injury of all types.  I’m one of the few lawyers who will prosecute legal malpractice claims against other lawyers.  My other focus is criminal law where I have tried many jury cases for DUI, drugs, and violent criminal offenses.  Contested divorce matters and child custody litigation is also very familiar legal territory for me.  Basically, if you need a trial lawyer (someone who stands up in front of a jury or judge and advocates for you) for a legal matter I’m the guy you want.


I have great interest in science, nature and the enviroment.  I’ve traveled the world and I value the experience of travel in relating to people of different beliefs, interests, and backgrounds.  I enjoy photography and technology.  I have a great love of the ocean and using my skill in photography and technology to capture and share the unique places and creatures of the sea I encounter.  Scuba diving has been a part of my life since I was 18 and I relish the serenity and joy it brings me when I’m under the waves and exploring a beautiful reef or watching a giant shark move about the ocean.  I love animals and especially the unique and endangered creatures of our world.  I enjoy the technology of drones and photography with drones.  I have climbed volcanos, swam with Great White Sharks, walked with Komodo Dragons and wandered to the remotest of places in this world.  There are few things about a courtroom that could possibly intimidate me.


I am not a conventional lawyer, but, I am straight forward & honest about a situation, and if I represent you, determined to get you the best possible result in your legal case.