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Firm Summary

Neal Gibbons attended high school in Whittier, CA. He graduated early and was accepted to U.C. Berkeley. While at U.C. Berkeley, Neal decided that Political Science would be his forte and then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After college, Neal enrolled at Cal Western Law School, at that time under the tutelage of United States International University. He graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree. Feeling that having his own independent law practice one day and could focus on Criminal Law, he graduated with an emphasis on criminal defense.

In the beginning, Neal learned as much as he could from the other experienced attorneys who he had become associated with and then decided to develop his own law office. He soon found that he easily developed a word-of-mouth business. Clients liked it because Neal would relate the developments of their cases to them, returning their phone calls promptly while being personable in doing so. Through experience and personal commitment to his clients, Neal offers hands-on representation at a reasonable price.

Neal is known to prevail in cases through unusual tactics. He has obtained many dismissals and good plea bargain results by using polygraph tests. Neal has successfully obtained special plea bargains by diligently working on the facts of the case. He has obtained great results that, perhaps, public defenders and even other private attorneys might not have been able to obtain.

While every case is different, Neal will strive to minimize the effects and ramifications of your criminal case, allowing you to put the case behind you and move on with your professional and personal lives.

Neal established his office in Hazard Center over 20 years ago. However, Neal has been practicing law for over 30 years in the State of California.