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Firm Summary

A lot of these videos talked about different legal advice, legal issues, Here we will talk a little bit about Russ Flickinger’s military service. Attorney Russ was a captain and a Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the United States Army. He worked there for three years. Russ’s primary responsibility initially was taking care of individuals who were being medically boarded out of the military. This was called a physical evaluation board. In the military, if you have sustained an injury and it is service connected, you may be entitled to receive a rating for your disability.

If you do not believe that rating is sufficient, you can go to the board and ask for an increased rating. Russ Flickinger’s job was to represent those service members in that board in order for them to obtain the rating which they felt they deserve.

Russ Flickinger was also in charge of legal assistance. Basically, in the military, you are entitled to receive free legal advice, free legal assistance and the division he was in charge of was one of the largest in San Antonio. Russ holds a belief that military service is essential. He thinks everyone in the United States, at some point, should do a year of some type of service whether it be in the military, the peace corps, community service, etc.

Russ Flickinger has a large family history when it comes to military service. His father was a prisoner of war in World War II. His uncle died at Normandy. Russ also had another uncle who was with Patton traveling throughout Northern Africa and Europe; so military service is something that our family takes very seriously.
Russ Flickinger said,

“I believe that one of my best experiences in my life was representing those service members when I first became an attorney. I think that gave me a door for what I wanted to do in the future- and that is help injured individuals. That is why I chose to do what I did when I came back to Ohio. So while this Page may not be anything with regard to legal advice, I just kind of want to share my views and my thoughts on military service and how invaluable it is for us. Thank you.”