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Summer Young has dedicated her entire career working in the Judicial System in Minnesota, learning the ins and out’s of litigation, alternative dispute resolution, civil procedure, and how to work a case from initial consultation to verdict.

Summer has worked on a number of cases ranging from consumer credit, name changes, adoptions, extended juvenile jurisdiction disputes, spousal alimony, dissolutions, employment matters, breach of contract, trademark disputes, personal injury, murder jury trials, and lengthy medical malpractice jury trials.

When Summer initially received her law license, she worked for almost two years as the Floating Law Clerk of Hennepin County, essentially working for all of the 63 Judges who needed an extra set of hands in Chambers. These were the result of short staffing or complicated matters where staff needed assistance to manage the workload. She worked in almost all the Courts in Hennepin County has Family Court, Juvenile Court, and at the Government Center on Civil and Criminal matters. Summer thrived in this overwhelming position and learned that she wanted to be permanently assigned to a Civil chamber where she could learn exactly what it would take to be a great advocate for her future solo venture.

Summer then landed in Judge David Pipers Chambers, on a Civil Assignment, working on a wide range of cases and with hundreds of attorneys. Summer has drafted dozens of Orders and has been Affirmed by the Court of Appeals every one of the five times her orders have been appealed. In her Civil Clerkship, Summer enjoyed working on dozens of jury trials from start to verdict.