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Willard Shepard

Willard Shepard, ESQ. Law & Media

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Willard Shepard

Willard Shepard, ESQ. Law & Media

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Willard Shepard is one of the most trusted professionals in Florida. The attorney, Gulf War Air Force fighter pilot, and as a 6 time Emmy award winning investigative reporter and news anchor at NBC in Miami, Shepard guided thousands through hurricanes, turmoil in America’s streets, military conflicts, tragedies, presidential campaigns, and landmark court rulings. Shepard is on the board of the Greater Miami Aviation Association as well. He has brought comfort, peace, and a sense of justice to families who turned to only him to deliver their message on the heels of an accident or disaster that forever altered their lives. 

Now, Shepard is using his unique skill set and proven record of care in the toughest of times to put you, and your loved ones, in a far better place with the legal matter facing you.  If you or a family member has been injured, or have suffered the ultimate loss from an accident involving a vehicle, workplace, airplane, doctor’s error, or any mishap, Shepard’s wide ranging relationships and abilities in association with the team of experienced experts will make your time of need their top priority guiding you step by step with a one of a kind synergy using the legal tools at their disposal to gain you a sense of justice and the maximum financial result in the shortest time possible.  Shepard’s 3 plus decades as a highly trained aviator and FAA ground instructor gives him technical insight not just into an airplane mishap, but any transportation related injury.

Shepard is an expert in media operations and community outreach. From his veteran experience, as an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter handling complex broadcast with significant legal components for the NBC owned and operated television station in Miami, he is the perfect person to develop media strategies for your company and its employees no matter your line of business.  His training teaches them to be at the top of their game for presentations, public speaking, media interviews, and remote video conferencing sessions that can be vital to your company closing the deal.  All this, while understanding the legal implications and constraints of your firm. The end result is a higher profile for your company to attract new business, and increase your standing in your community. Also, having positive relations already established if a crisis develops makes a vast difference in how your firm is viewed.  Therefore advance, a well thought out plan to be executed should your company, agency, or organization, face a dire  situation when the world is watching is paramount. Shepard’s  combination of legal, broadcast, and journalism skills make him the perfect person for you if you believe you have been defamed, or where legal matters are already underway and his expertise can provide the insight to secure victory.

Shepard’s wide ranging experiences from flying over Iraq, to Florida’s worst hurricanes, to Washington, DC on January 6th, to life changing court rulings, to NASA launches make him an intriguing motivational speaker for your audience.  His message of setting a mission for your organization, empowering workers and giving them the training and equipment to succeed, then rewarding them and holding them accountable leaves those in attendance inspired.  Whether you are in private business, or in government service, organizations benefit greatly from his message.