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William Allen

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Firm Summary

For over 20 years, William Allen has dedicated himself to advising his clients and addressing their specific legal needs. Starting his career with a small, Dayton-based boutique defense firm, Will has acquired experience on both sides of claims, which he finds invaluable in helping his clients. Whether he is dealing with insurance companies and adjusters pre-suit, their lawyers in court, or health insurers looking to be repaid out of a settlement or award, Will goes the extra mile to ensure his clients maximize their recovery.

Will’s legal profession was seemingly pre-ordained. He is a fourth-generation attorney, still practicing with his father, Patrick, who was instrumental in his coming to the firm from the defense side. The tradition of providing sound legal advice to clients was founded well over 110 years ago when Will’s great-grandfather, William A. Allen, first became an attorney. Will is only the latest in the Allen legal legacy which includes his great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle, and father.

Will’s work experience pre-law was diverse. It included farm work, landscaping, construction labor, Kings Island grounds crew and retail, so he identifies with people who don’t work behind a desk. He is respected by fellow plaintiff’s attorneys, members of the judiciary and adversaries alike.

Will lives in Dayton with his family. He enjoys hunting, fishing and the outdoors.