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“People ask us a lot: ”How do you work with your spouse and still stay married?!’ We laugh because it’s not something we ever really thought about doing, until one day it just made sense. The truth is, we are just doing the very thing that brought us together in the first place. We first met during William’s last semester of law school in a small seminar class. We were both members of our law school’s mock trial teams when we ran in to each other in the courtroom one day. Ashleigh agreed to let William have the courtroom to practice his closing argument… but only if he took her to dinner.

Ten years ago, we went on our first date as law students and on September 10, 2011, we became husband and wife. In 2016, we then welcomed our sweet baby boy, William Arthur Buckley IV.

William started The Buckley Firm in January 2016 and Ashleigh joined soon thereafter. We wanted to create a law firm with a family-friendly work environment that provided clients with personal, attentive service We love working together and have found that our styles complement one another. Ashleigh loves managing the organization of the firm’s cases and handling our research and writing practice. William loves developing our client relationships and appearing in court to argue motions and other hearings.

One of our favorite things to do together is try cases in front of a jury. We actually think it’s fun to discuss trial strategy over dinner. . . while convincing our toddler to eat his peas.

Our firm is important to our family because it provides us the opportunity to help others when they need it the most. It gives us a shared purpose and we are thankful for the opportunity to do it together. We treat all our clients like family and work hard for them, just like family.